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In it's simplest definition, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of increasing the volume of valuable visitors to a website, coming from Search Engines.

Just as you use the library catalogue to find the best resources on a subject of interest, there is a need for the same system when searching the www. This is the sole purpose of Search Engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

SEO is the art of priming a website for search engines (primarily Google) by presenting it as a content rich, relevant resource for the chosen topic. This is done to get the prime position above competitors on search engine results pages (SERPS) for a set of keywords and phrases which generate leads and sales for the site owner.

The Truth About SEO.

SEO requires patience, an extensive amount of time and effort. However, it needn't cost the earth and you should be able to see results from a SEO Campaign within 1-3 months, depending on the age of your website and the number of competitors you are faced against.

We have succeeded in getting our customers to the very top for a competitive keyword in Google. However this is not always the case due to extensive competiton and the costs involved in beating this competition. This is a truth that all Good Search Engine Optimisation Companies should let you know from the outset. WebPact's SEO Experts work within your budget to get you the most value for money SEO Startegy.

Being Promised  #1 on Google? Run and Hide!

No one can guarantee you the top listing on Google for any business related keyword. The main reason for this being that the algorithm which Google uses to arrange search results is only known by Google. Furthermore, this algorithm is constantly being tweaked so rankings are consantly changing.

Good Search Engine Optimisation.

The Good, Bad and the Ugly of SEO.

Some SEO Companies use ilegal SEO techniques which may get some results. However, these are strictly agains Google's Guidelines and when google finds these techniques within a website, it removes the website completely from its search results. Please take this into consideration when selecting an SEO Company to work with..

Our Expert SEO Services.

As Search Engine Optimisation Experts, we know the techniques that get your website closer to the top and tweak these in order to achieve the top positions.

Our SEO process includes:

  • Keyword Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Website SEO Analysis

Our Aim in SEO Services.

Extensive research on searchers' habits clearly shows that when scanning a seo results page, users scan the first five results, and then move swiftly to page 2. Therefore websites who secure positions 11-15 have more hits than those in positions 6-10. Google shows 10 search results per page.

We aim to get our customers either in the top 5 positins on page 1 of SERPS, or positions 11-15 which appear on the second search results page. Thus providing a more successful and value for money SEO Service.

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