Content Management

The Problem with Managing Web Content

The content on a website can increase rapidly, creating a cluttered, unorganised bank of web pages, images and other media. This will inevitably lead to broken links within your site, leading to poor usability and an abandoned website.

Furthermore, you will always need to call on a web designer to make even the slightest addition or change on your website. Of course, this would further lead to spiraling costs for a website with out of date information.

Content Management for Websites

Content Management for Websites is the process of organising all the content on your website which allows you to efficiently manage your website. A software which helps you to manage content on your website is called a Web Content Management System.

Advantages of a Web Content Management System

In addition of organising all the content of your website, a Web CMS allows you to add and edit content on your website easily, without much technical knowledge.


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